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Global InfoLabs Pvt. Ltd. is the accomplishment of the entrepreneurial dream of Dr. Bharat Bhushan. The Group was initiated in 1984 and had initially ventured into sectors like financial services and textiles. Since 2004 the group has diversified into education, media, consulting, hr solutions and e commerce. is one of the ventures of Deekay Global Group supported by private equity investment of one renowned groups of Gulf is a platform for students where in they all their queries related to education. It is a complete search engine which caters to all the educational needs of the students.

Founder"s Desk

Dr Bharat Bhushan

Dr. Bharat Bhushan is an erudite academician, a successful businessman, and a great philanthropist. His ardent passion to promote education and contribution to development work are exemplary. He was the CEO of Northern Region for India"s one of the leading fundraising organization, NGO Fundraisers. His main motto in life is to give back to the community in the most efficient and fruitful manner.

Dr. Bharat Bhushan was the CFO and Managing Director of one of the leading textile companies in India and his contribution to textile industry and education has been commendable. He also worked as a lecturer and authored various commerce books.

Dr. Bharat Bhushan has Ph.D Degree in Commerce, and Master"s Degrees in Commerce, English and Political Science. Due to business requirements, he had to learn Indian law and he decided to complete Degree in LLB.